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Two handcart evaluate a report - treasure comes (Guangzhou area)
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Number: 740960

Vehicle is main information:

Article Card: Treasure comes 1.8 Model Date: BORA1.8

Car type: Car Homebred / entrance: Homebred

Manufactory name: One steam masses   VIN date: LFVBA11JX26******

Engine order:   of   of BAF******     Launch type mark: List 4 crocks continuously

Automobile body color: White Fuel sort: Benzine

The platoon measures / power: 1.8L Date of production: 2002.5

Formalities, compasses expends a circumstance:

This car formalities is all ready, travel card, motor vehicle registers certificate, purchase cost, maintain a road to expend bill, all ready.


Window of door lock, dynamoelectric door accuses in, change direction aid force, apply the brake to prevent hold in the arms dead (window of ABS) , CD, dynamoelectric door, dermal interior trim.

Static examination:

The outward appearance is good, ministry of automobile body around has slight nick, frame does not have apparent collision trace, door opens close good.

Dynamic examination:

Ignition is normal, engine idle fast noise is largish, dan Moming is shown shake, urgent quicken engine sound insurgent and strong; 4 block automatic gear-box the job is smooth, stop a machine by cutting off the power is normal.
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