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Two handcart evaluate a report - Suonada (Jinan area)
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Number: 742136

Vehicle is main information:

Article Card: Suonada Model Date: BH7200M

Car type: Car Homebred / entrance: Homebred

Manufactory name: Beijing is contemporary VIN date: LBESCCBH85X******

Engine order: 5B****** Launch type mark: G4GC

Automobile body color: Black Fuel sort: Benzine

The platoon measures / power: 1975ML/101KW Date of production: October 2005

Formalities, compasses expends a circumstance:

The certificate of travel card, motor vehicle that register, purchase tax testimony, maintain a road to expend royalities of boat of odd, car, hand in strong danger to wait for formalities all ready.


Window of motor-car of lock, report, ABS(accuses to take SRS of EBD) , intelligence in double safe gasbag, back a car radar, guard against theft calls the police inside of system, door prevents side to bump into protection lever, air conditioning, dynamoelectric rearview mirror, outside receive power source socket, advanced acoustics of 6 Yang Sheng, CD

Static examination:

From range estimation observation, truckload lacquer face is even, without clear off color. Open engine lid to examine engine, each component arranges interior orderly, without rebuild apparently trace. Engine whole maintains clean, engine oil is clean, without oily phenomenon of ooze, leakage. Control leaf board in good condition, without collision trace. Box of the end after opening, each are add facility is complete, not slack, corrode a phenomenon. Interior trim is clean, CD acoustics good, gasbag is in good condition, leather act the role ofing is saved complete, each appearance is normal.
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