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Two handcart evaluate a report - elegant cabinet (Zhengzhou area)
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Static examination:

Chassis is not had corrode, tire in order, spare wheel is complete, without use. Primary vehicle lacquer, did not discover filling lacquer phenomenon, collide without discovery from crossbeam and mothball box and light place and change evidence, primary vehicle glass. Control leaf board in good condition, luo Wen, offset print is in good condition, without collision trace. Box of the end after opening, each are add facility is complete. Interior trim is clean, gasbag is in good condition, leather act the role ofing is saved complete, each appearance is normal.

Dynamic examination:

Engine movement is smooth, without murmur, direction not sideslip, hand Buddhist templeput on the brakes is good, each function inside lamplight and car is good, pass property good.

Integrated assess:

Combinative market is current the price, this car evaluates valence to be in 141 thousand

Fiducial date: 2008-07-19

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