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Two handcart evaluate a report - Feng Tian (Xiamen area)
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Other configuration: Player of radio of window of dermal seat, electric car, AM/FM, CD, power gets lost, bag of document of department of the back of the chair of banquet of directional adjustment, assistant, revolution counter, ABS is prevented adopt dead braking system interior trim of all, Mu Wen. 6 dish CD broadcasts type of the buy inside In-Dash systematic.EBD electron makes safety of dynamical dispatching system, driver's seat in the center of the safety lock of gasbag of safety of gasbag, deputy driver's seat, children, door lock central, remote control device of guard against theft of door lock, intelligence, after before any crystalline substance of form of lamp of key of fog lamp, remote control, 4 circles is gotten

Static examination:

One, the examination that know bogus: Through seeing the surface, inside adornment, engine

There is sign of maize trade supervision on windshield, the proof is quality goods car

2, visual examination: Truckload Qi Se is complete, without the any collision, evidence that blow loiter

Door, boot is balanced, without slack, leakage of electricity, flat phenomenon

Inside railroad car neat, without corrode

Dynamic examination:

Starter does not have murmur; Engine does not have circumstance of change oil, blow-by; Oily Wen Zhengchang of lukewarm, water; Quicken delicacy; Apply the brake is stable; Hold accuse agile; Transmission is smooth


Car certificate is true and effective, uptodate technical condition decides to do not have collision car, maintenance case is good.

This model already stop production, consult card collect pulls 1.8 automatic archives to include list price 172 thousand; Use price of estimation of replacement cost-or-market method, vendibility is roughly 132 thousand.

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