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Two handcart evaluate a report - Feng Tian blocks Luo La (Taiyuan area)
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Number: 668107

One, vehicle is main information:

Article Card: Feng Tian blocks Luo La Model Date: ZRE152L- GETGKC

Car type: Car Homebred / entrance: Homebred

Manufactory name: Cropland of one steam abundant VIN date: LFMARE0C070******

Engine order: 2ZRE******* Launch type mark: 2ZRE

Automobile body color: Black Fuel sort: Benzine

The platoon measures / power: 1.8 Date of production: 2007

2, formalities, compasses expends a circumstance:

This car formalities is all ready do not owe cost, main certificate has car to register card of certificate, travel, car to purchase surtax this, cost of maintain a road is not owed, car formalities inquiry grabs a record without guaranty and pilfer, alter a record normally without illegimate blame.

3, configuration:

Direction helps strength, window of 4 dynamoelectric doors, dynamoelectric and mothball compartment, safe gasbag, automatic air conditioning, dermal seat, dynamoelectric seat, scuttle

4, static examination:

Static state of this car exterior is checked, car lacquer face maintains first-rate, had done not have the circumstance such as filling lacquer of whole vehicle spray paint, can conclude this car had not gone an accident so. Car interior is orderly, each component position is normal, the function is good, have the mark that had altered or renovates without discovery. Distance of engine cabin planted agent is normal. The component does not have has altered trace, engine and gear-box do not have shade oily trace. Spare wheel, jack is in good condition, tire is not had wear away, brake piece normal.
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