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Two handcart evaluate a report - Ao Di 200 (Changchun area)
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Number: 725875

Vehicle is main information

Article Card: Ao Di Model Date: 200

Car type: Car Homebred / entrance: Homebred

Manufactory name: One steam Ao Di VIN date: 300****

Engine order: 009*** Launch type mark: 1.8T

Automobile body color: Black Fuel sort: Benzine

The platoon measures / power: 1.8 Date of production: June 1999

Formalities, compasses expends a circumstance:

This car is former unit car, had done not have change the name of owner in a register, procedure is whole, do not owe cost, car registers certificate, travel card, surtax this, maintain a road expends paper money. Make strong narrow pass already class expires.


This car is the pressure boost machine that 1.8T use Germany imports Ao Di A6 and Pasate now, dynamoelectric door window, ABS, the lock accuses in, dermal seat, heat seat, odd gasbag

Static examination:

Examination of this car static state can see whole vehicle gush passes a surname, check the leaf before can seeing the car is left through subtle view board had had blow touch, machine lid is left the trace that lacquer having a place cracks. Around bar has some of mark that drops lacquer. Open each component is very neat inside engine, without leakage oily phenomenon, condenser has the mark that leakage repairs too before. Engine leather belt has some of ageing to need to change, engine oil is very clear, aid force oil, cooling fluid was not lacked. Left leaf board inside can see the mark that has had repair, but did not hurt heavy bridge, copper plate did not get hurt. Car interior trim maintains very good wait for a phenomenon without craze, dermal seat also does not have phenomenon of occurrence ageing craze, interior trim is neat.
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