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Two handcart evaluate a report - fasten Ke Junwei (Beijing area)
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Number: 742530

Vehicle is main information:

Article Card: Fasten a gram Model Date: Jun Wei

Car type: Car Homebred / entrance: Homebred

Manufactory name: Shanghai is general VIN date: LSGWK52C73S******

Engine order: E4036*** Launch type mark: List 4 crocks continuously

Automobile body color: Silver grey is lubricious Fuel sort: Benzine

The platoon measures / power: 1.998CC Date of production: April 2003

Formalities, compasses expends a circumstance:

Formalities is all ready related car, all sorts of plan cost are not had default, annual is safe.


The hand stirs file, aid force to change direction, ABS, electric car window, dermal seat, air conditioning, central door lock, CD player, safe gasbag

Static examination:

This car exterior is in good condition nondestructive; Dioptre of face of automobile body lacquer is even, did not see off shade; Road of engine cabin planted agent is decorated neat, frame joint is firm and reliable, engine does not have leakage phenomenon; Stage of indoor seat, appearance is clean and neat, nondestructive is bad; Whole vehicle accessory is in good condition.

Dynamic examination:
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