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Note of nightly drive a vehicle
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In process of drive a vehicle, nightly and drive a vehicle can feel by day differ apparently.

Below dim lamplight, some pedestrians and blame motor vehicle can appear suddenly in eye shot to be carried nearly, have no way letting a person foreknows and adopt measure avoid ahead of schedule, and the attention of the person that the illuminant of of all kinds neon lamp of downtown also can drive dispersedly greatly.

What shoot ambient conditions besides lamp illumination is different, we remind even two influences drive under oneself safe element: It is the influence of biological clock, 2 it is nightly eyesight obstacle.

The note that evening drives:

1, ensure car window is bright and clean, the appearance inside nightly car and equipment lamplight will be projectile on advanced wind archives, if car window is cheating dirt or furring, can be being resembled below the illuminate of the lamplight opposite side was to pull a curtain, diligent is nodded, wash wash glass;

2, enter dim lane from bright ave abduct, the eye needs a few seconds get used to a process, must shift to an earlier date decelerate, right now operation is: Shine to arrive twice first headlight, remind the likely pedestrian inside alley and car, after presenting alley opening additionally must amble, give others and oneself the space that lets with avoiding and time;

3, from the bright ave on dim off-street abduct, still should shift to an earlier date decelerate, as soon as possible gives out change lamplight to signal, do not want high speed to enter a turn, should avoid those who let have to avoid let.

4, night country drive a vehicle, if be low level highway, need notices a few agricultural car and autocycle bicycle, this kind of moving object often won't make the tube, they feel OK in that way to omit report, do not know to fly with high speed the is not discovered in time deadly and dangerous sex in the opposite motion between sailed your car, consequently we must notice the object activity of a few road junction changes, can have a few dorp brush on glance the surveyor's pole of lacquer reminds, but the judgement that oneself should rely on below most circumstance, have an unexpected tricky move only right now, a word: Be slow!

5, notice lamplight signal can say a lot of, talking simply is the following parts:

Project when light light distance by far when becoming close, state the car sails close or sail ascent face;

Project when light light distance by when becoming far nearly, state the car is declivous or enter gently road surface by brow;

When light light projectile area leaves road surface when, represent ahead occurrence sharp turn or car had gone up slope supports;

Project when light light area by in when tend a side, state ahead appears run-of-mill tortuous path;

When light light projectile area is in two side vacillate when, state ahead appears successional S is bent;
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