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Reduce tire to wear away 10 doohickey enhance security of drive a vehicle
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The car drives the method is proper wear away with tire, safety of drive a vehicle has very big concern. The road-sense of good adroitness, reduce tire effectively wear away, prolong the service life of tire, enhance security of drive a vehicle at the same time. How should reduce tire to wear away, the author thinks:

(1 ) drive a vehicle starts, do not pass fierce, start loose clutch and quickly (the air door that turn block) should cooperate proper, make the car starts slowly, do not quiver smoothly however oneself, avoid to quicken tread because of tire and ground daggle to wear away.

(2) car transfers aboard, must use be blocked or 2 block, do not slip to start to gangplank, prevent to gnaw tire. After go ashore, as above brow or road are muddy, the road surface with should choose better is used block through, prevent to sneak away slippery, lest tire skids idling, scathing tread.

(3) car is declivous, answer to reach road surface situation according to the size of gradient, length, control proper speed. Want attention and ahead to arrange the safe distance that maintains 50 m above to car at the same time, rely on right travel. In apparent distance shorter region should notice apply the brake of the other side, cry at any time horn signal. Issueing long slope, brow and road narrows relatively a sector of an area of danger should have been done at any time jockey, the preparation that allows a car. Adopt slight apply the brake or speed of control of engine apply the brake is declivous. Such not only avoid or use urgent apply the brake less, reduce tire to wear away, also have safeguard to safe drive a vehicle.

(4) car is uphill, should make the most of is inertial travel. Proper gearshift, seasonable shift gears, do not wait for a car to stop to start afresh again, in order to avoid the scroll loss of drive wheel, quicken the wear and tear of tire, should cogent accomplish 3, 4, 5 block bump not forcedly, one, 2 block rush not forcedly.

If take trailer to go up not to go, when recrudesce pace has difficulty, answer to stem trailer rear wheel with trigonometry wood or stone at this moment, make trailer not hind smooth, next again will advocate the car falls backward a little a bit, make trailer procrastinates annulus and advocate car link up with stays have space, of short duration leaves advocate car drawing, let advocate trailer is driven again after the car starts. When if use this to plant,the method still cannot start, can get off link up with, join with wire rope advocate car and trailer, make wire rope maintains temporarily bend, make first advocate the car starts, wait for wire rope to be close to pull straight when, increase accelerator to drive trailer appropriately start.

(5) car turns should the basis is curved road condition, turn density of radius, drive a vehicle and speed speed and operation. Want proper decelerate commonly, do not want high speed to turn, lest because force is mixed,leave the action of mental efforts, make goods tilts a side, cause daggle of unilateral tire overload, quicken tire to wear away, cause accident of to turn over even.
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