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17 public transportation special railway line can amount to incomplete abstruse
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Incomplete during abstruse meeting, company of city public transportation group will continue the Olympic Games is public transportation operation of special railway line, 17 public transportation special railway line but understand is all incomplete place of abstruse meeting match, convenient audience watchs incomplete abstruse meeting match. Among them, the operation car of 90% is low floor car, passenger of OK and convenient wheelchair fluctuates easily car.
Line of general of 8 Olympic Gameses (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 23) will continue according to the plan operation comes on September 20; The line of Olympic Games general that sails at stopping on August 28 before this 8, already also resumed operation on September 1, come to ended on September 20. Outside serving sports center of 5 loose culture except 23, 8 general line will leave for the others area of Olympic Games center is passed on the way Olympic Games place. In addition, 8 " K " express of word head Olympic Games (road of K13, K14, K15, K19, K20, K26, K27, K34) will arrange according to leg, leave that day in the match in succession row. After September 7, the express will end as match of along the line and cancel. Specific line, bus stop, the citizen can inquire in public transportation website.
Add up to of 17 public transportation special railway line throws operation of many 600 bus. Among them, having about 550 buses is low floor car, hold sum total 90% the left and right sides. After these car and platform butt joint, the height inside railroad car and platform look are flat, wheelchair can get on a car directly. If differ with platform height bigger, what an armor plate of a high strenth still can play to be made at the door the car is dynamoelectric " cross board " , form to offer the brae of car of wheelchair freedom fluctuation. 8 incomplete abstruse express is public transportation 100% it is low floor car.
Business hours of public transportation special railway line is: General line 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 23 24 hour operation, general line 3, 8 5 when come 30 minutes 23 fortune battalion; Express of 8 Olympic Gameses (road of K13, K14, K15, K19, K20, K26, K27, K34) before contest 3 hours of first bus reach place, car of 1.5 hours of end after contest is given out from place. At the appointed time, the audience is held that day entrance ticket (to morrow 4 from time to tome effect) , incomplete abstruse meeting staff member, reporter, volunteer can be taken freely by effective certificate, other passenger buys a ticket to take a car, use IC card is enjoyed dozen lose privilege.

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