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Does highway collect fees can fixed number of year be restricted to collect fees
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On September 3, hair of country of combination of traffic Department of Transportation changes appoint, the Ministry of finance is promulgated jointly " collect fees highway rights and interests makes over method " . " method " regulation, management sex collects fees highway is made over collect fees after authority, accumulative total collects fees deadline cannot exceed 25 years.

However, this tie will surely not restrain the impulse that gets chaos of a few people collect fees quite, bring about its likely still even to collect fees in disorder behavior becomes aggravated. Because of a few local government still borrowing highway actually is financing platform, business investment highway is built for the sake of earning sudden huge profits. If lacks a tie to rate, the person that collect fees a little drive up rate, regard 25 finite years as collect fees 40 years 30 years even, differ was at coverting the ground lengthened collect fees period?

In addition, if arrived 25 years collect fees deadline, local government or operator come " overhaul " , who can say already does inactive collect fees won't highway begin afresh new round 25 years? Such go round and round, never mention it " cannot exceed 25 years " , be afraid of only can become freeway of airport of the 2nd capital: "Collect fees also go 100 years " .

Collect fees the substantial problem of highway is to should close, should gain profit even the problem of sudden huge profits. The key that chaos of highway of keep within limits collects fees depends on li Qing Dynasty these problems, collect fees fixed number of year not very important. Otherwise, again strict regulation also lacks power.

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