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Traffic forecasted Beijing on September 8
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On September 8 (Zhou Yi) , abstruse meeting will enter incomplete of the match the following day. Suffer a student to term begins, and incomplete abstruse meeting the influence that each match pulls open big screen, zhouyi affects whole town the element of road condition remains diversity, pressure of round-the-clock road transportation can be compared big. When early height, thing a section of a highway such as Wai Street of street of Beijing University of 3 annulus and lotus Chi Donglu, Xizhimen, heart predicts 2 annulus, thing queue up when meeting occurrence car is short phenomenon, morning of week early in the morning is being driven go to work, the driver friend that sends the child to go to school should choose urban contact line and mainstay line travel as far as possible. Review the traffic heat area of Zhou Yiquan day, as a result of incomplete abstruse meeting entrance ticket is sold hot all the more, each more circumjacent than competition ground house Zhou Yi will be sucked draw the many stream of people that watch game and wagon flow. Be attended incomplete at the same time the effect that VIP of the each country honoured guest of abstruse meeting opening ceremony, government leaves capital in succession, road of high speed of Zhou Yi airport, north 2 annulus, east of 2 annulus temporarily traffic administration measure will be frequent all the more, go to the airport receiving the escape airport high speed with the social car clever just a luck that sends guest, road of choice Yao home or from east bridge of 5 annulus bungalow walks along the airport 2 high speed.
In the light of Zhou Yiquan day match is centered, supervise the case with concentrated measure temporarily, the branch that make a valve offers to a travel of tomorrow common people hinted at 5 o'clock:
One, ask broad traffic participator to abide by incomplete strictly abstruse meeting is special driveway, odd even numbers is restricted to wait for incomplete all right set related abstruse meeting.
At present incomplete abstruse special driveway already was enabled entirely, traffic administration measure meets incomplete during abstruse meeting comparative to be mixed thick and fast frequent. Trouble-free public traffic tool also is met when use more exquisite, the inconvenience with meeting constant presence goes up as a result of disabled friend action in the meantime, once produce traffic accident, may cause more serious consequence. The branch that make a valve hopes everybody goes out when travel can system capacity and comity incomplete abstruse meeting is special car, reach illicit home car by the taxi that carries the disabled. In the meantime, to ensure incomplete abstruse meeting is special driveway safety, smooth, in incomplete during abstruse meeting, the branch that make a valve will be increased to disobeying incomplete abstruse meeting is special driveway, odd even numbers is restricted to wait for what incomplete sets related abstruse meeting to investigate strength all right, adopt road surface to execute the law, management of science and technology and the administrative kind that fountainhead processing ties, aggrandizement executes the law strength. In addition, still will adopt multinomial measure to do his utmost to provide a travel service for the disabled, come true " two Olympic Gameses, likewise wonderful " working target, ensure with favorable traffic order incomplete is the traffic safety during abstruse meeting, accurate dot, reliable, convenience.
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