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On the west the be open to traffic of next year of road of 3 high speed such as
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Beijing bag, Beijing bear 3 period, on the west 6 annulus next year of 3 high speed hopeful be open to traffic. And Xizhimen Wai Street is fast road 2 period hopeful at the start working inside year, at the appointed time on the west the Wai Street will be delayed on the west on the west 5 annulus road.

Reporter yesterday from city traffic appoint know, on the west 6 annulus, Beijing bear high speed 3 period 3 main highways such as road of high speed of the bag that reach Beijing, at present already in succession construction of go back to work, be open to traffic of complete of next year hopeful. Beijing bear 3 period full-length 63.9 kilometers, by close Yun Shaling channel reachs minister stage and Heibei paragraph conterminous. Project of Beijing bag high speed comes by De Sheng mouth north 6 annulus, make an appointment with 17.4 kilometers endlong. 6 annulus are 6 annulus road on the west last paragraphs, make an appointment with 38.65 kilometers endlong, cross channel of head of stage of Fang Shan, abundant, door and Haidian 4 areas.

In addition, this city is fast in the 15 contact line of road network, road of Yu of poor still Pu Huang, mound Shi Lu (5 annulus come 6 annulus a section of a highway) , on the west the Wai Street extends line and Yao Jiayuan way on the west (road of 5 annulus less than) did not finish 4 times, will accelerate construction henceforth. On the west the Wai Street extends quick way on the west first phase project (to black bamboo bridge) already built 2002, 2 period project hopeful the start working inside year. At the appointed time, on the west the Wai Street will be delayed on the west on the west bridge of mouth of stone of apricot of 5 annulus road, join 2 annulus come on the west quickly on the west 5 annulus 4 annulus road.

Enlightened on July 25 this year mound Shi Lu (4 annulus go to 5 annulus on the west paragraph) also will continue to build on the west, will arrive at 6 annulus a section of a highway all the time; 5 annulus arrive 6 annulus paragraph the project is built the latest in next year start working. The preparation that the city also is undertaking quick way builds Pu Huang Yu south works, plan next year go into operation. This are fast bridge of Lu Ziyu Ting all the time Xiang Na, it is to lead to Beijing ferry the main contact line of the 3rd passageway, after building, drive but from 2 annulus road direct south 5 annulus.

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