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Traffic gave a hint on September 11
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Entered incomplete the 5th day of day of abstruse meeting race on September 11, each match will spread out intense contention, swim, the match such as track and field, ping-pong will produce more than 10 gold, before believing to be able to attract a large number of masses, go watching game. And the multinomial match place that will get everybody to pay close attention to extensively tomorrow is centered in north mostly outside 4 annulus, suffer the effect with the more crowd that watch game, predict pressure of upper the city zone rises somewhat apparently. Especially game time undertakes in the dusk centrally more, the height that watch game may flow with the traffic of late height intersect collect. In the meantime, suitable justice the park on Olympic water also will greet multinomial gold to contend for contest tomorrow afternoon. In this clew citizen, the traffic that notices section of time-sharing of each place area runs measure, to ensure incomplete abstruse meeting traffic and social traffic can common people of service of harmonious movement, utmost goes out row, at the appointed time, my bureau will show through TV, broadcast, newspaper, outdoors information the agency such as screen releases road transportation in time to give an information, ask broad masses to notice to listen, watch, decrease drive a travel, choose public traffic tool as far as possible, had made a travel arrangement ahead of schedule.

   The characteristic that tomorrow traffic presents:
It is, the place that evening place periphery still is traffic shedding concentration. As a result of major damage abstruse meeting match, especially the final of a lot of matches or semifinal are arranged undertake in evening, accordingly, dusk around will be the toward place concentration before the audience is many period. At the appointed time, pressure of traffic of and other places of gymnasium of university of science and technology of gymnasium of gymnasium of Olympic center area, Beijing University, Beijing aerospace university, Beijing increases. Because take traffic management,the period of time of measure is come in before contest 2 hours after contest 1 hour, because this part place watchs contest height,possible meeting and late height intersect collect. My bureau will according to situation of specific at that time transportation, inspect a circumstance to adjust traffic administration measure, the audience that before also be being asked, goes watching the game has made a travel arrangement ahead of schedule, decrease to drive oneself, anthology go out by public traffic row.
2 will be tomorrow, swim, these get track and field the match project place with attention higher rate is centrally inside Olympic center area, head for central area to look around plus tourist of numerous China and foreign countries, bring about north Hui Xindong bridge reachs 4 annulus be good at circle in the air bridge flow is larger. Hint everybody does not want to center from north area of 4 link An Huiqiao bridge enters, how does Dong Ludong side establish boreal celestial bodies road, have many jumper benefit route of road of faithful road, Hui Zhong north, big quarter road, boreal brook road, section luxurianting growth has an import, and the 8 side roads that amount to mountain by on the west eastwards road of road of big quarter road, An Xiang north, Na Sha beach also the entrance can enter Olympic center area.
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