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Strategy---Drive oneself swim
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What is holiday drives go on a journey oneself already new issue. But to a few novices and not long-distance drive for the driver of experience, go up from driving journey or bestrew bramble. We will introduce a few little common sense that drive oneself and little skill to you below, so that be you itinerary escort the Emperor convoy.

One, the preparation that before setting out, makes surely works

1, whether was examination fuel already added full, go up in high speed road, especially nightly drive a vehicle, this can be very crucial. Do not advocate carry gas oneself.

2, height of fat face of examination engine oil, if oily area is too small, need to add; Fat face is exorbitant, should prove a cause. When going out, the proposal is best can follow a car right amount belt a few engine oil, when be being lacked in road in case, fill add.

3, examine aspect of cooling fluid fluid, should complement when inadequacy, complement hind wants exhaust. Proposal cooling fluid is best also can take along with the car a few.

4, check common accumulator or maintenance-free accumulator. To common accumulator character, it is normal that 10~15mm of plate of electrolyte face tower above is, if fluid area is small, need compensatory distilled water. And to maintenance-free accumulator, the color that notices densimeter of observation hole form changes. When the densimeter of accumulator shows green, explain accumulator n is enough; Appear " dark " zone time, explain accumulator needs to undertake charging; Appear " bright " zone time, explain electrolyte is too low, this accumulator has discarded as useless need changes.

5, whether does face of examination brake fluid accord with a requirement, should fill when inadequacy add. The brake before the examination piece wear away state, usually before brake piece service life is controlled in 30 thousand kilometer.

6, whether does the examination take key of good reserve wagon, in case door falls the lock cannot be opened.

2, soup reachs skill of road condition travel

The A, safety that keeps enough is apart from. Because the brake of wet car is apart from defection lengthen, certain safe distance should maintain when drive a vehicle so.
B, see seeper place does not want Zun Shan right avoid. See water shines, perhaps step on speed of brake rein in immediately, this is the common fault of average person. These two kinds of methods are actually breakneck. Zun Shan is right avoid make easily instead from the back driver misunderstanding, cause an accident. Wear out condition of tire of C, regular examination, change in time. Tire wears away excessive, water film is formed easily between tread and surface, cause car sideslip, swing end and lengthen of distance of apply the brake.
D, rain is blown implement had better change one year. If rain is blown implement the ability that sweep water drops, wet drive a vehicle observes road surface situation will be very difficult. Especially when high speed travel, rain is blown piece rise to rise, the ability that sweep water is poorer. Additional, the drive a vehicle in nocturnal rain, did not blow clean drip-drop to be able to produce all sorts of reflex below lamplight, make ahead view exceeding and dim, cause an accident easily.
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