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Traffic gave a hint on September 12
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On September 12 (Zhou Wu) , it is incomplete the day of the 6th race of abstruse meeting, also be the last weekday before holiday of the Mid-autumn Festival at the same time. The match of gold of abstruse meeting contention basically is in incomplete centrally track and field, swim, on the 5 big projects such as highway cycle track, hard ground ball, fire, predict to game is watched before afore-mentioned matches can attract numerous audience. And the time of the match arrives to undertake towards evening afternoon centrally mostly, the height that watch game may intersect with late height collect. In the meantime, as the arrival of traditional festival the Mid-autumn Festival, bright hind two days of everybody's can more frequent arrangement party, go close to visit friend, shop wait for an activity. My bureau hints everybody, want the real case according to oneself, the traffic information that combines my bureau to be released through the media such as TV, newspaper, broadcast, rational arrangement gives the time of travel and line, take public traffic tool to go out more as far as possible row. .

The characteristic that tomorrow traffic presents:
The heat area that feed water industry collects name a person for a particular job of net of area, business to become liaison man.
As incomplete of abstruse meeting begin, tourist of China and foreign countries looks around to Beijing, the number of travel increases somewhat apparently, the meal course of study such as 3 lis of the sea after resembling, collect, beautiful water collects name a person for a particular job of net of area, business to draw a large number of crowds. In the meantime, tomorrow is the last weekday before holiday of the Mid-autumn Festival, predicting citizen dines together, go close to visit the friendly, activity that buys festal goods also relatively will frequent. The traffic pressure of area of and other places of corresponding street resembling a round-mouthed food vessel with two or four loop handles, Xidan, ZhongGuanCun can warm up somewhat. Arrived at 16 o'clock especially the time of late at 20 o'clock height paragraph, thing 2 annulus, thing is 3 annulus, upper pressure of the city zone is great, car discharge will be relatively concentrated. My bureau proposal is broad citizen, will go out to want to arrange good time and line ahead of schedule all right tomorrow, do not orchestrate the activity in the dusk to undertake as far as possible. Ask everybody to give the contact clue of many choice city, resemble the restful ave, two wide aves, way that the road such as the Wai Street can retain relatively expedite on the west besides.
2, dine together during the festival much, my bureau is severe after checking wine, drive wait to violate act badly.
This small the first after we will greet holiday to adjust on the weekend mid-autumn long holiday, use the time of 3 days of holiday, broad citizen friend can have more dine together, go close to visit the activity such as friend. My bureau expresses, during the festival, will drive in the light of wine, enter card of driver of red light, blame, experience to break the law wait for 4 to violate act badly, begin work of severe canal repair. Strengthen road surface to execute the law, drive with wine, enter the subjective and intended sex such as red light to violate behavior badly rate of strong, harm is high to attach most importance to a dot, my bureau will be in line of main main street, link advocate the area deploy such as line of contact of Beijing of road imports and exports, pass in and out is special alarm force, to above illegal behavior undertakes special investigate. The hope is broad at the same time citizen friend can self-conscious abidance law of road transportation safety, after accomplishing wine, do not drive, drive not to drink.
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