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Doubt is like " poisonous insect " drive bump into a person to hit a car again
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Yesterday afternoon 5 when make 30 minutes, on the banyan town square by Fuzhou railway station, when a man drives, support of the people of a way stops successive dash against in two cars of roadside, police immediately controlled this man. According to all round masses says, police the white object that in the ferret on cause trouble car many doubt are like drugs.

Say according to eyewitness Bruin, afternoon 5 when make 30 minutes, a man is opening argent a horse that covers a thousand li a day to sail toward banyan town square come, after passerby sees, dodge in succession, a middleaged man dodges not as good as, was bumped to give a few meters far, lie on the ground to cannot move. Cause trouble car is the hurt person on escape ground, at once left-hand rotation, dash against the black car that parks beside square and minibus. Prepare to open the door in cause trouble driver when desert, police of a few civilian clothes attacked to control him on the spot.

Surround view masses to say, subsequently, several patron wagon left to come over, police from the ferret inside cause trouble car the white object of a packet of bag, and the doubt of a lot of needle canister shape is like drug taking appliance. "The police is stared at early possibly on he. " all round masses says.

Subsequently, the person that hurt is sent toward provincial hospital. As we have learned, its of short duration is insensate dangerous. Current, police is investigating this case further.

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