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The Changchun City begins road safety to check to the end of December
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Recently, the reporter understands from detachment of policeman of the Changchun City, to eliminate to administer accident hidden trouble, improve road transportation condition, prevent and reduce accident of transportation of especially big road, up to by December, the Changchun City will begin road transportation safety to examine an activity greatly inside whole town limits.

The platoon checks an accident to send bit of hidden trouble more

In the examination, examination staff discovers key examination accident of traffic of highway of country, province, county is much hair dot, paragraph reach highway to make the same score make the hidden trouble such as road junction and elbow, brow; Setting of graticule of annals of urban market guide is applied delimit the hidden trouble that reachs influence traffic free to know safety; The hidden danger of safety of drive a vehicle of urban taxi and taxi fountainhead run hidden danger; The management that carries unit of dangerous chemical car and car, drive safe hidden trouble of the person; Whether are the safety administration of car of the school bus of carriage student, passenger transport and responsibility of safe main body fulfilled, whether does safety administration measure reach the designated position wait for safe hidden trouble.

Examination staff goes to development unit and everybody, army, school reachs the company of transport company of production of the company that rent a car, passenger transport company, chemical, travel, car that ships a student the unit that has produced car of especially big accident, check safe organization and main body responsibility to fulfil a circumstance, safety management system builds perfect case, the execution of the system is fulfilled and accident hidden trouble or produce a situation, of safety administration and main body responsibility fulfil wait for a circumstance.

Use advanced instrument to investigate traffic to break the law

During the examination, the Changchun City will center punish key traffic to violate act. Exceed in the light of surchage of car speed, passenger car, van be restricted to overload, without the card the travel that do not have card is reached violate carriage danger the outstanding illegal behavior such as chemical has repair. Strengthen meanses of pair of main dry line and traffic accident, traffic to embrace a Yi Falu paragraph traffic administration, make full use of measure the equipment such as detector of fast appearance, alcohol and electronic monitoring, investigate traffic in time to violate act, uphold normal traffic order.

Additional, safety of rural way transportation also is the significant aspect that examines this. The key of the examination is prefectural path, country way and village access, punish road hidden trouble, eliminate damaged and road surface of the shoulder that do not have a road, perfect road safety establishment, install traffic sign, circumstance of roadblock of cleared road block. Car of carry cargo of low speed of viatic of key punish country, tricar, tractor breaks the law hold a person, without the card surchage of start off of the motor vehicle that do not have card, autocycle, illegal battalion carries and ride not to wear the serious traffic such as safe helmet to violate act by autocycle.
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