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" automobile body of mouth of channel of dash against of Pu field coach is broke
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After beautiful sprinkler disaster happens Zhejiang, the Chinese maintains branch of cropland of money danger Pu the staff member immediately of contain river subsidiary is driven go to beautiful water treatment matters concerning reconstruction. According to the vise general manager of contain river subsidiary Wang Minghua discloses, hopeful of traffic accident dead is compensated for according to Zhejiang standard.

10 deads in traffic accident all save a villager for me, but be located in Zhejiang as a result of accident place beautiful water, undertake hopeful compensatory according to the standard of Zhejiang. The Chinese protects Wang Minghua of vise general manager of subsidiary of river of money danger contain to express, they are checking at present the dead's census register, of urban number of households and total population will undertake compensatory according to the urban standard of Zhejiang, namely town dweller average per capita can control income to multiply with 20; Rural number of households and total population is compensated for according to the rural level of Zhejiang, namely net income of rural dweller average per capita is multiplied with 20.

To let 5 years old of insensible boys Zhuo Si fathers to awake at an early date, yesterday morning, before downtown hospital invited a few experts from Hangzhou again, beautiful water comes consultation. According to Zhuo Si severe father introduces, the consultation that comes day after day already saw effect, the child already was retreated burn, bosom, abdominal cut inflammation also gained initial control, leg ministry fracture restores good.

The expert says, zhuo Si is severe so much day still insensible did not wake, because his head works,be longitudinal slants to bump in getting, when can wake, must read his individual constitution.


The trifling warmth after disaster

Be in hospital of people of beautiful water city and hospital of beautiful water downtown, the person that 36 traffic accident are hurt is accepting treatment, everything undertakes in perfect orderly. Family member of the very much person that hurt hurries to a hospital after 2 days, the dear one that sees oneself has protect labour 24 hours to accompany protect, also was free from anxiety in the heart a lot of.

The dead's family member that comes to beautiful water has 70 much people, everybody is in by arrangement guesthouse, the condolence of funeral parlour is sleek also. When family member of a dead is accepting a TV station to interview, say among them: "Since the accident has happened can dicey, but the governmental arrangement to our family member, let us feel very warm. Let us feel very warm..

The active cure of the person that be opposite, to the conciliation of family member of the dead, person that hurt, reflected a government to answer the ability of sudden incident and manner.

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