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This Kodak general ginseng exhibits 08 Nanjing car
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Si Ke amounts to all along to be compared with tall sex price, strong and durable, high security, admirable hold accuse to gender and comfortable sex have both and infiltrate successfully the country such as Ou Ya, get the favour of consumer, have good market performance.

In our country Si Ke is amounted to also the individual character of less than collect and space are capacious and human nature changes a design to get of everybody chase after hold in both hands, si Ke amounts to introducing is strategy of Shanghai masses brand medium important one pace, bore the weight of the hope that Shanghai masses diversity grows. It is only inside 3 years of two time, si Ke is amounted to become China very quickly intermediate the competitive power with indispensable market.

Successive Ming Rui appears on the market since selling well, in the end of the year allegedly it will have new master piece: Fabiya is rolled out, in exterior respect it was broken through before depressing with sedate, joined contemporary the element with vogue; In practical go up to also break through somewhat with the space inside the car: The biggest member that change those who use a space to design the back row before concept and larger exterior size are to multiply was offerred take a space roomily. Very may much car confuses friend and consumer to be being anxiouslied expect in raise one's head and look, hope to be able to show a figure that sees it in Nanjing car more.

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