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The car exhibits 2008 Nanjing international to be jumped again new tall
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Prepare through what try hard seriously, 2008 Nanjing car is exhibited will atOn October 8, 2008--On October 12Begin ceremoniously. Jiangsu and area of week border district are annual for a time the car altar grand meeting with the grandest fall October will lift new agitation again, buy personage of car, love car numerously will again confluence is in the happy ocean that parallelism of year new car appears on, appreciate industry of domestic and international automobile to the top of one's bent the breathtaking classic that price of newest science and technology, newest product, highest sex compares, meanwhile, the car consumption that with our region socioeconomy development gets used to also will greet another new climax.

Nanjing car is exhibited prepare early, plan this year fast, the brand is much, scale is larger, class is higher, mobile content is richer, the audience participates in a gender stronger, calendar year was surpassed in many sided any, be sure to make wide audience more the new visual field of extol happy path.

Before Nanjing car is exhibited 6 have progress year after year, in Hua Dongliu in saving professional car to exhibit, already cut a figure, receive the nod approval of each manufacturer, brand ceaselessly, also get broad view likes this area numerously. From 2008 rise first, group do square active with domestic and international each old car brand acquires close connection, through visitting, sufficient contact refers a variety of way such as phone, email each exhibit an unit, conduct propaganda serves, listen to an opinion, understanding ginseng exhibits intent, harmonious ginseng postpones a plan, got joining extending the active support of the unit and collaboration. To the end of June, each old car brand attends the intent that Nanjing car exhibits to be fulfilled already basically, exhibit field whole layout to decide, 2 buildings are exhibited had been booked, full-court is exhibited book also break through decide schedule formerly. Can see so far, exhibit this year net area will increase 20% above than last year, outdoor south, north, east square will have showpiece, the arrangement such as the activity, periphery billboard already also was over surely.

Attend a meeting this year ginseng exhibit included the mainstream brand that at present the market sells. 2 A that Nanjing country exhibits a center, B, C3 hall will have: Yue of renown the rank of nobility, east wind is amounted to rise inferior, one steam Ma Zida, Beijing Ford of Ma Zida of contemporary, Chang'an, Rong Wei, Chang'an, east wind beautiful, east wind this this cropland, Guangzhou cropland, one steam gallops, Si Ke. In first floor you will see BMW, run quickly, Ma Zida of masses of benefit of Yingfeinidi, Ao Di, Laosilaisi, guest, entrance, eulogize, double dragon, contemporary, Hainan, . Other brand if: Leopard of Wo Erwo, nimble, Lu Hu, Sibalu, medium praise run quickly, horse of double-loop, bold, Ou Bao, lengthen is luxurious the 10 many brands such as ceremony guest car also are applying for actively to exhibit. Last month, the international top class brand such as Buddhist nun of the rank of nobility having a life, Aston Martin, Lan Bo radical exhibits connection actively with the car, if be in schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater is appropriate, exhibit the premise with enough car to fall, may come Nanjing car is exhibited appear, the car is exhibited group do honest positive also response, expectation develops more new car, good car for the audience. Car of very trustful Nanjing exhibits brand of car of international high end showpiece the effect, they state Nanjing car exhibits the year that will be included them to extend a plan.
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