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Appear on the eulogize TL of 08 harvests season
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Acura(eulogize) will attend Nanjing car is exhibited this year, specific ginseng exhibits car or a sealed mystery, whether to know the TL that appears on the market recently to you can come?

Accompanying the end of the Olympic Games, autumn of 8 years will be the season of the results of a be worthy of the name. In this big season, eulogize is brand-new 09 TL also will come out, make the another new window of Acura eulogize.

Eulogize is brand-new 09 TL cent is front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive two version. It is first time this this field company will be entire the system uses round of drive in medium-sized car. Car is in encounter some kind drive particularly environment, turn for instance when waiting for a circumstance, freedom of four-wheel drive power controls a system to will raise car to operate essence of life to allow to spend, the stability that adds car and hold charge a sex, offer drive follow one's inclinationsly accuse fun.

Additional, when answering domestic a lot of public figure to buy a car " the appearance is sent on " idea, eulogize TL also has crackajack show: The design of eulogize TL the inspiration as it is same, in automobile group develop a school of one's own. Its appearance design serves completely to be opposite at it the pursuit of motion, speed, everything is buckish highbrow element by slam the door.

A lot of cars confuse gift such eulogize TL beauty praise: Athletic master sportsman. The understanding that such good name can let us to seeking the TL of the face one man is nodded! Expect, can be in car of October portion Nanjing exhibits the spot to see it this year.

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