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Sexual price compares the first: One steam gallops
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Be known as sexual price to gallop than first also will come to Nanjing this year the car is exhibited, bring the gens that buy a car most substantial spending.

Seek tall sex price, it is the target of a lot of consumer from beginning to end, accordingly, each manufacturer also weigh its regard as mediumly again.

As the first high starting point of domestic, high quality, high-powered own brand is at present intermediate, gallop make domestic own brand the window of most fetching attention.

One steam gallops since character, security is taken from beginning to end since appearing on the market, hold accuse, serve hand-in-hand guiding principle, improve product quality ceaselessly, improve sale to serve a system, aggrandizement after service, make of everybody approbate degree rise ceaselessly, the market competition ability of oneself grows day and day. It finished consumer inside very short time by right of the extraordinary actual strength of oneself anew of the car appear, the process that acknowledge, understanding buys finally, numerous consumer evaluates breathtaking accord to what gallop: "Exterior air, technology advanced, on the safe side, character moderate of conspicuous, fixed position... "

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