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Expect to visit Jiangsu car town to growing three-cornered from the State Counci
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This year on August 6, standing conference principle passes the State Council " the directive opinion that pushs reforming and opening of area of delta of the Yangtse River and economic society progress further " . Make instructions by premier of Home Wen treasure " directive opinion " it is for better advance long three-cornered reforming and opening and economic society progress. "Long triangle " limits by original " 16 cities " enlarge comes " 3 provinces city " , include Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang full extent. Content involves advanced manufacturing industry, liaison man content shedding, the sources of energy, city group, the 6 respects such as circular economy, reforming and opening.

Base of long triangle area good, start tall, hinterland big, competition ability effect of strong, radiate is big, far-reaching to countrywide economy progress, so is its car demand situation what kind of? Relevant data shows: 2007, jiangsu province adds a car newly 524907, annualer than going up end grows 18.91% ; Add private car newly 425036, annualer than going up end grows 23.05% ; Add sedan newly 347210, than going up year end grows 38.53% ; To the end of 2007, jiangsu saves a car to have a quantity to be 3.301 million, private car has a quantity to be 2.269 million, sedan has a quantity to be 1.248 million. Luxurious car market: BMW, run quickly, the sale inn amplitude of the Nanjing such as Leikesasi, eulogize is in 12% to 40% between differ, people look is medium in the past " luxury " luxurious car purchasing power also all the way violent wind rises.

Car market gets in Jiangsu area so hot chase after hold in both hands, the reason is clearly: In recent years economy of complete province countryman grows continuously, people consumption level promotes significantly, also rising ceaselessly to giving the demand of a tool; And the development that domestic car craft also has a flight, these better progress that promoted Jiangsu to save car market. Car consumption ability is gotten all the way in Jiangsu area run, jiangsu province makes the contends for surely land of car businessman.

Should follow the demand of car market, regional car extends the advantage that producing it apparently gradually. Save as Jiangsu the biggest exhibit one of meetings exhibition of Nanjing international car, annual, to this year had been the 7th. Conduct 6 severe test through succeeding, it becomes better day by day and mature, be approbated by the accord of car manufacturer and agency with the welcome. 2008 Nanjing car is exhibited, card of ginseng item on display is more rich, exhibit an area more expand, include cooperate mobile area inside, almost occupational the inside and outside that exhibit a house is all available area, of dimensions royal, will bring spot audience to be revealed with more more full, rich content, also will sure detonate fall the car city grand occasion of October. All in former years comes to Nanjing the development impetus that the car exhibits, can see, it is exhibited in the car of Hua Dong area in had cut a figure, extending stride towards regional top-ranking car.
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