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Window of Rong Wei 750 1.8T is revealed
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Rong Wei will attend 08 Nanjing car to exhibit, let us look book hot 08 new cars 750 1.8T.

Had seen it obtained those who be like tide reputably, 750 1.8T has his to give the point of colour surely, let us from savoured one time at 5 o'clock below.

1. Dynamical performance is outstanding
A sea floor that engine of Rong Wei 1.8T designs inspiration to come from Solomon archipelago is volcanic, motive force is insurgent, and according to China road condition and user are used to wait undertake adjustment.

2. The chassis system that upgrades in the round
This batholith uses gold to move aid force comparing, check repeatedly through ergonomics, developed the good stability of chassis system adequately, promoted its to charge sexual dominant position in the drill in be the same as level car greatly.

3. Exceed space of big administration level to be able to withhold
Its appearance continued design of the cigar with fluent 2.5V6 automobile body, reveal elegant Ying Lunfeng pattern, be close to 5 meters length plus its, make car of class of B of a high end.

4. Interior trim do manual work is delicate
With in the past model photograph is compared, it used style of Brown interior trim, highlighted class, simple on vision and tactility sense promotes substantially.

5. Complete human nature changes configuration
New car whole department was changed can brush without bone rain only wait to be able to be configured only, what configure in the model that be the same as class is all ready for infrequent.

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