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Appear on the market newly in September, move A3 of feeling strange luck
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As the strange luck that will attend 08 Nanjing car to exhibit, what can you bring to us this year new product?

It is reported, strange luck A3 will appear on the market in September this year, its locate the family of the consumer that is young vogue uses a car, predicting price one hundred and nine thousand eight hundred yuan. Its appear on the market mean strange luck to sail formally the level of the 2nd development that makes international famous brand.

Strange luck controller recounts so: Global synchronism grinds the A3 of one sword on platform of science and technology 10 years, can say to the milepost that the car develops is fastened in was being represented, defer again firstly appear on the market, it is the decay process of a broken aurelian Cheng Die to strange luck, it is painful to perfect contrail. A3 should hold to improvement in quality namely, achieve world-class completely, synchronous model of make it world, ability can appear on the market. Present A3 can say, I am ready!

Introduce according to the personage inside course of study: The A3 that is platform with 3 acting technologies created 4 newest standards: One, fashionable design style; 2, high level is safe; 3, advanced car technology; 4, Europe fastens workmanship.

The change that to the technology from price advantage banner, character precedes, change that becomes this preceding to innovate to the brand is right the meaning is far-reaching for strange luck, also be consumer people good news.

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