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The car exhibits harbor grand piece " love date "
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This on the weekend, international car exhibits the 11st Chengdu to will kick off formally. This year that how calls good car city makes fun of greatly, arrive from manufacturer businessman actually already riveting became sufficient strong, regard the harbor of enterprise of old brand of Chengdu car city as grand car, same not exceptional also.

This second car is exhibited on, harbor grand will roll out not only brand-new " Xiaohuang cap " commonweal brand, establish fund of 1 million commonweal to be used at education, return the car of child be a guest that will invite seismic disaster area technically to exhibit. And the consumer to long-term attention and him support, harbor grand was to prepare more " benefit of ten million ceremony " in order to show get one's own back.

One holds to a car to exhibit see again " Xiaohuang cap "

When on September 1, 2006, harbor the small yellow cap of grand car will be indicative transportation safety, wear the Chengdu City the first laborer children school -- safflower elementary school the top of head of 1500 Yuming's students, this aims " care life, attention transportation is safe " commonweal activity, was granted by Gang Hongfu " project " divine name.

The Chengdu car this year is exhibited, it is harbor grand " Xiaohuang cap " appear the 2nd times of commonweal activity. And appear this " Xiaohuang cap " , already by harbor grand infuse brand-new brand connotation, namely with " · of harmonious · care helps each other " for the concept, besides attention transportation safety, pay close attention to even and advocate the surroundings that cherishs us, endeavor to help the person that more need shows loving care for. At the appointed time, by harbor grand those who establish " Xiaohuang cap " fund of 1 million commonweal, also will exhibit the spot to be started formally in the car.

"Establish this ' small yellow cap ' commonweal fund, basically will use at education. " Wu Bin of grand car president says harbor: "' small yellow cap ' target, hope to pass the effort of we and social all circles namely, make person and person, person and society form the concern of harmonious, friendly affection. Make person and person, person and society form the concern of harmonious, friendly affection..

One is touched do not forget shake area little girl

This harbor grand car is brand-new those who start " Xiaohuang cap " commonweal brand the first content, stand one case with Chinese young reporter namely, the partial division that invites seismic disaster area is inborn Chengdu sees a car exhibit.

"We will combine partial harbor grand car advocate, organize technically ' Chengdu international car exhibits · harbor motorcade of commonweal of cap of grand car Xiaohuang ' , receive toward disaster area before send the teachers and students over there. " harbor Ku Yue Kangjiu says grand car vice president. To coming from the children of disaster area, harbor grand will be them not only contributory stipend, still prepared the mobile content of rich and colorful for them, if see a car,exhibit, picture car is exhibited and attend a car to exhibit the evening party to wait.
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