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2008 Nanjing car is exhibited add steam newly to deserve to reveal
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Nanjing car extends serial number year since with truckload reveal give priority to, let a lot of car confuse friends too sufficient addiction, 08 Nanjing car exhibits those who exceed 60 thousand to exhibit in the area, besides truckload outside revealing, still be in D hall new open up of automobile articles for use showpiece area.
The automobile articles for use that Nanjing car extends this year enrols business share to basically be aimed at: Things of communication of things of things of things of recreation of car image sound, interior trim of car electron electric equipment, car, car exterior trim, car, car changes his costume or dress things and conserve things, cover automobile group major circumjacent line of business.
Ginseng exhibit means to be able to feel individual direct ginseng is exhibited, also can join with forming a delegation for group of automobile articles for use exhibit, formal diversity, very old rate is convenient the ginseng of company of company of a lot of individual and group is exhibited.
The ginseng of automobile articles for use is exhibited, to truckload manufacturer and steam matched an enterprise to offer direct face-to-face opportunity, pass the communication of the spot and communication, draw on the wisdom of the masses, can have specific aim more directly more show a product, mining company is potential client while, capture market pulse, adjust product plan actively, with coordinating the research and development that tastes newly.
Nanjing car is exhibited walk along a lot of go through the mill and decay step by step, got the result of arrogant person to today; Believe the affiliation of business of articles for use of broad this year automobile, can exhibit the spot add more hotspots to the car certainly.

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