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International car exhibits the 11st Chengdu to kick off on the weekend originall
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Fair of annual Chengdu international car will on September 20 - in Chengdu century city 26 days bright of new international exhibition center begins, this is the grand meeting of group of the first automobile that the Chengdu after experiencing earth shock greets, no matter from which tell on angle, current car is exhibited will differ somewhat.

Exhibit as car of international of the 11st Chengdu, continueing to maintain and continue before outside the style, still had new breakthrough, bring people the more capacious space that enjoy a car, present more various car brand, and this second car is exhibited still pay attention to as interactive as what join meeting staff sex particularly, can prepare for everybody everyday lottery and of a few free gift distribute link, let everybody be in those who enjoy a car to still have other surprises.

Car of international of the 11st Chengdu is exhibited will be in pull open royal heavy curtain on the weekend originally, the reporter acts according to the wonderful hotspot that gets on current car to exhibit for everybody ahead of schedule.

Refresh of 90 thousand square metre is gone to extend meeting record

Passed what 10 years the car exhibits to accumulate, first time of the Chengdu after serving as 5.12 shake is so large-scale exhibit meeting, eleventh international car exhibits Chengdu to have dimensions sex and force more. It is reported, current exhibiting the area of the meeting is all previous exhibit of the meeting most, have 90, of 000 square metre exceed large-scale, be in increased to 6 to exhibit a house on 5 foundations that exhibit a house last year, the news that still takes the lead in rolling out media house means runs mode, exhibit 1 the house to regard media as the house, make media participates in a car to extend a coverage with brand-new means. Additional, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to have nearly 170, the brand of car of a person of extraordinary powers such as Asidumading also can appear on Chengdu car to exhibit first, run quickly among them, cropland of abundant of Ao Di, Guangzhou is mixed with 1200 square metre, 1000 square metre respectively of 800 square metre super- exhibit greatly appear exhibit meeting, it serves to show takes what this second car exhibits seriously, and this second exhibit meeting general to recieve an audience to amount to 350, 000 people, undertake interacting investigating to the audience in the spot, present audience obtains organic meeting include car model, individual character key buckles equivalence to be worth the elegant souvenir of ten.

Car of international of two handcart assemble exhibits new brand

Exhibited the dimensions of the meeting to attract about 170 enterprises to join this year, there is no lack of among them a lot of new brands, the high-end brand that includes this field rich of car of brand of treasure of Asidumading, eulogize, Woerwo, gentry, 3 water chestnut, Sa, 3 water chestnut also will reveal its newest whole department to import a model in Chengdu first. Besides new brand strong outside joining, international car exhibits current Chengdu to still open car component things to exhibit an area first, exhibit an area 12000 smooth rice, provide the platform that vogue of car of a comprehensive understanding lives for the audience. Additional, two handcart exhibit the brand the area also is this second postpone a of the meeting brand-new trial. Agency of this locality brand is like car of believe spirit law, harbor the grand group, car that open this world, Ming Jia car, 3 with group, Shen Rong car, found a state the car already booked exhibit, the brand that reveals a banner to fall in the round is secondhand car, offer more alternatives for consumer.
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