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Special interview Chengdu 3 with group president Huang Zongmin
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He, 26 years old become steam to repair plant factory manager; He, the first introduces 4S inn mode in southwest; He, now the first collects lord car face-lifting to undertake making as the industry... he is Huang Zongmin, 3 with group president.

Interview Huang Zongmin be been in by arrangement to handle official bussiness on the balcony outdoor, surround sitting the person of one table, a suit is recreational he what dress up sees very hard is the palm is accusing western the leading person of group of sale of car of the first of all. Sat in a few minutes, need not see you can be judged more, who is this love car, president that loves lord car especially, because be inscribed if he is all almost,cannot leave 3 words -- , lord car.

Did not sell and the first Tibet is tasted stay

"Accidental, I begin to collect lord car is accidental completely. " the story that speaks of oneself and lord car, huang Zongmin is used " accidental " will describe.

1991, a Hong Kong friend holds Huang Zongmin in the palm to help him look for a red flag, then Huang Zongmin looks for a car everywhere, found eventually, the business of person of result Hong Kong broke down, the red flag also did not want, "Sell do not go out, I am forced oneself are staying, did not think of to look to like more more, see more beautiful more, hate to part with later sold. " if using Huang Zongmin, say, because,be at that time that did not sell the red flag that go out, let him " accidental " was on lord car to collect this means, and love more and more... later, huang Zongmin bought two red flags again, this became his original lord car Tibet to taste.

Collect lord car to record a car to grow an a bit

If say to collect car of these 3 lord,at that time still is a hobby of Huang Zongmin's individual only, so next a few years, 3 the movement is collected in the lord car of world each district with the group, the development a major programme of lasting importance that evolves into an enterprise.

"Now, have car of many 50 lord probably, the most precious England that the world goes up to have 3 only at most is royal Laosilaisi is ghostliness, also the Germany that just left factory 1990 protects Shi Jie, very a lot of more, be being collected every time is good luck coincidence. " Huang Zongmin says, hope 3 mixed lord cars receive 80 when, the lord car museum that can run to have world top class level, let more people see the elegant demeanour of lord car.

"Those who do is a culture! " take car of this Chengdu international to exhibit on 3 with the cost 1 million show lord car entirely with area of 2500 square metre for, most person of the same trade thinks this is at least short-term won't bring any economic benefits " crazy business " . But Huang Zongmin says: "In business character business the thing that this is perfectly justified, but still want precipitation to come down sometimes, the hope can see a bit of culture of industry of a few automobiles is recorded, I am using lord car to recording China and even the contrail that world car develops just about. I am using lord car to recording China and even the contrail that world car develops just about..
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