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The Zhan Qingguo that greet a car celebrates spirit law good manners to send cea
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Spirit law serves chain

Mobile time:

On September 18, on October 10

Mobile place:

Service of car of all spirit law interlinks inn

1. Hairdressing:

Overflow hairdressing formula is rolled out to get stuck especially during ● activity, cash price 1360 yuan, the price that hold card 880 yuan.

Cash consumes armor of law of film of law of glair of law of spirit of hairdressing suit product, spirit, spirit to all be enjoyed during ● activity 8.8 lose privilege.

2. Adornment:

Every consumes dragon film to be enjoyed namely to inn during ● activity 8.5 lose privilege.

Every is bought during ● activity " bay old and well-known family " abb seat cushion, send SamSung cella to nurse namely.


Beautiful car life square

Mobile time:

On September 12, on September 26

1. 50 clients sent a car to exhibit entrance ticket 1 piece namely to inn every a few days ago;

2. Order new car client to give a car to exhibit entrance ticket 2 pieces;

3. Everyday a ton of oily whole town shares a surprise to send in all ceaseless (accumulative total gives 15 tons of gas) .


Two handcart center

Mobile time: On September 20, on October 5

1. To your love the car searchs a good a home to return to!

● gives card of souvenir love a car;

● is special make new Laoche advocate couplet friendship gets stuck;

2. Carefree displacement sends travel -- every is successful during the activity the client of displacement, will get value 4200 yuan travel through ticket.


Insurance chain

The member can enjoy major of spirit law car insurance representative add defends commercial risk highest privilege 30% , enjoy at the same time by elite great gift of 18% cars hairdressing includes amount of risk of business of meeting missive value.


Brand 4S stands

1. 4S of masses of spirit law Shanghai stands

● leads drive highest privilege 15000 yuan

● POLO is privilege completely 3000 - 10000 yuan (10000 yuan of privilege are restricted CROSSPOLO)

● Lang Yi gives 3000 yuan of ceremonies to wrap

(between car exhibition period)

2. Essence of life is in charge of 4S of one steam masses stands

● multicoloured golf is complete plain sole agent

● Xin Baolai is sold to inn

3. 4S of Rong Wei of the steam on spirit law stands

Mobile time: On September 16 - on September 26

● Rong Wei 750 lowest one hundred and sixty-nine thousand eight hundred, highest privilege 40000 yuan!

● buys Rong Wei 550 send ceremony of 3000 yuan of former plants the package namely!

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