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Ramble on the weekend the car is exhibited do not forget the allusion that savor
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The chain of the allusion that savor essence of life has many close, the speed of the allusion that savor essence of life has many fast, the technician of the allusion that savor essence of life has many artful, the service of the allusion that savor essence of life has many complete. In the meantime,

Sweet car. Belle. To Chengdu person, annual international car is exhibited, resemble extremely a big Party.

Admire the new car, head that buy bully, watch the scene of bustle, look at a belle... in the eye in the citizen, the car is exhibited even if celebrate a festival; In the eye of manufacturer, the car is exhibited is show of a brand; And in the eye in business of native land car, the car is exhibited, more resemble final examination: Besides tall fraction should be taken on the sale, still get idea to give prize in every respect. Everybody the result of not decline to shoulder a responsibility, make naturally each car is exhibited good fun again and again.

the person that offset is expended, go the car is exhibited, want naturally to buy a car, but the joy of life having a car, it is very important to the car to choose, car business is used up very much heart, negative not responsible and same cannot careless. So, the car is exhibited see a car while, also taste ancient bronze mirror to get off incidentally the actual strength of business, experience get off the service of business, not only ought to, and necessary.

But want respecting car business really, current car extends the believe spirit law that go up, be worth however well comment on.   

Taste chain

40 spirit law interlinks a car to exhibit entrance ticket to be bought casually

Those who depend on chain network is quick the major that serves with the system, current car is exhibited, 40 below division of car of believe spirit law repair hairdressing quickly to interlink inn, the entrance ticket sale that favour became a car to exhibit an organizing committee to appoint serves trader. The car exhibits organizing committee controller to express, the car of believe spirit law that spreads all over whole town builds hairdressing network quickly, can let Chengdu citizen be at the door his home, can special buy a car to exhibit entrance ticket conveniently, avoid a car to exhibit what the spot buys a ticket to wait to mix thereby crowded.

As the whole nation the oldest car repairs hairdressing quickly to interlink a network, current, car of believe spirit law is in of Chengdu repair hairdressing chain quickly to already amounted to 40, equational cloth at Chengdu the main community of less than of 3 annulus road, and use uniform service standard and brand figure entirely, for the car advocate offer from wash a car to be decorated to hairdressing, come to help from maintenance each service of insurance manage compensate. What the network is distributed is capacious, nature is to be a car advocate bring the biggest safeguard that use a car, the car of car of law of every believe spirit advocate or policyholder, no matter car is in place of either of the city zone be or get out of danger or malfunction, but want a car only advocate a phone, the staff member of car of believe spirit law, also the can fastest 5 minutes of at latest hurry to the spot 30 minutes, to the car advocate provide support.
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