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Autumn air conditioning maintains unscramble
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Enter autumn, gens of not rare car likes to open car window to breathe natural air, the utilization rate of car air conditioning becomes low, a lot of cars advocate also because of this oversight the conserve of car air conditioning, make car air conditioning complete put big holiday. Car expert reminds car friend, car air conditioning is long-term " have a holiday " be not a favour, of autumn air conditioning maintaining still is very necessary, because weather change of the autumn is very big, if the problem had better repair a factory to undertake detect and maintaining to the air conditioning system of car ahead of schedule, in order to assure the comfortable sex that car winter uses, the ability when waiting for day of cold aspic discovers a problem.

A lot of cars advocate think the autumn will come, won't use air conditioning, this kind of viewpoint is wrong. Actually, not only the summer needs to drop in temperature with air conditioning, autumn should use air conditioning as much, so the conserve of autumn car air conditioning cannot be ignored, if discover the problem such as air conditioning breakdown wants to cause,handle in time, can affect the service life of air conditioning otherwise.

Because fall weather is dry, plus the summer tall frequency ground uses air conditioning, the place such as the air-blower of air conditioning, air channel will be a lot of more adherent dirt, bacterium and other bilge, cause a large number of bacterias very easily, and come loose give out peculiar smell, cause a harm to the skin of human body and respiratory system. If clear not in time, can bring about air conditioning to appear refrigeration effect difference, piece wind force is small wait for a problem, still can appear breakdown of system of other air conditioning.

Want to undertake comprehensive examination and conserve to loving car air conditioning in Qiu Dongzhi border, specific say to basically have the following 4 respects:

1 . The filter of clean air conditioning

Should often clean, fixed change air conditioning filter, the air that such ability maintain good adjusts quality. As we have learned, usually every 5000 kilometer or 3 months undertake cleanness to air conditioning filter, every 20 thousand kilometer or 12 months replacing air conditioning filter.  

2. The radiator of clean air conditioning

The radiator of general air conditioning is to install in car head, hard to avoid can be stuck on the rubbish such as the leaf, the influence moves normally, can use appropriative liquid medicine to clear directly in car head.

3. Examine the working case of fan of air conditioning electron

General electron fan divides shelf of on any account, want to notice to observe whether electronic fan is in regular job status.

4. Detect the pressure cost that discretion of air conditioning system controls

Can contrast with mark fiducial value. If pressure cost is too low, explain refrigeration sex is insufficient, this may be air conditioning system evaporate box produced leak. General air conditioning evaporates box is to be located in in the cab of the car, the lower part of appearance stage. If evaporate box happened to divulge, so the refrigeration agent of air conditioning also can divulge cab subsequently, endanger the driver's health, this kind of circumstance is about to be handled in time.
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