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Open scuttle to discharge " poison " fall detailed of expert of a confusion of v
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High speed put in a skylight-leave a blank in a publication to show that sth has been censored can reduce wind a confusion of voices

When high speed travel, car advocate the noise of the generation when regular meeting is opened by side window and the worry of side wind place that play a face. If open scuttle at this moment, close side window, can prevent the happening of this kind of circumstance effectively. Especially speed is achieved horary when 100 kilometers, open side window ventilated and the noise that cause can be as high as 110 decibel, and if open car scuttle noise,be 69 decibel merely however; Next, air current flows quickly in scuttle coping, form the negative pressure inside the car thereby, will foul air is taken out, the application of this kind of principle solved the problem of side wind blow on the face. By this token, car scuttle is opened when high speed, undertake ventilated appear particularly important.

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