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Open scuttle to discharge " poison " fall detailed of expert of a confusion of v
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In traditional idea, car scuttle is considered as luxury, use on a few high-grade cars merely. But some closer year come, more and more car manufacturer the taste to cater to consumer, rolled out the model of edition of a few scuttle in succession. And a few cars advocate to pursue style, it is to be below the case that primary vehicle does not take scuttle more, add newly installed a hand to move or dynamoelectric scuttle.

The use of car scuttle, to drove the person that multiply to bring different feeling. But with the car, scuttle also needs correct use and maintain reasonably, ability produces its effect, prolong its service life. Car scuttle, what use to have after all? In use process, are there those notes? How should car scuttle maintain? Our newspaper reporter covered an industry at this point inside relevant expert. Expert introduction, besides luxurious vogue, car scuttle still has a lot of profit, it is especially when travel of a car, high speed, open scuttle, can produce different result.

Morning put in a skylight-leave a blank in a publication to show that sth has been censored releases harmful gas

Everyday in the morning, a lot of cars advocate total can cursory ground drives go to work, the expert suggests to need to open scuttle at this moment. About expert introduction, the air inside the car is polluted, serious effect drives the health of the person that multiply, especially the car is after those who experienced period of time is airtight, there is the gas of the harmful material such as the benzene in decorating things, formaldehyde inside railroad car. So, the first affair of the car attends after pass the night, open car scuttle namely, use principle of its advantageous negative pressure take a breath, filter the air inside the car, what drive the person that multiply in order to protect is healthy.

The put in a skylight-leave a blank in a publication to show that sth has been censored that block a car up prevents tail gas to enter a car inside

Expert proposal, when blocking a car up, should open car scuttle. When because be in,blocking a car up, all car are in backwater condition, car tail gas distributes inevitably in air. Open car scuttle at this moment, close side window, can discharge the waste gas inside dispatch a vehicle, filter through car air conditioning, the exchange of the fresh air that finish.

The put in a skylight-leave a blank in a publication to show that sth has been censored after insolating is balanced the temperature inside the car

In burning hot summer, the car insolates in what pass the sun later, the temperature inside the car becomes very tall, at this moment, car advocate should open car scuttle in time. The experiment proves, those who want to reach the temperature inside the car is balanced, optimal means opens air conditioning and car scuttle namely, the ideal oxygen that brings from this furnishs, what will assure to drive the person that multiply is comfortable with safety.

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