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Be perturbed city blocks a car up practical skill makes public oil of province o
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Additional, actually no matter all car are in smooth still be in the process of traffic jam, decrease as far as possible urgent quickly, urgent decelerate, change casually the bad habit such as the line, had met the effect that to you the expression of oily bad news of car has the obverse side. And the security of the person that civilization drives to be used to you and other way has safeguard more, safety is all major premise. The province is oily besides it is to reduce oil price the burden to your pouch, make you need not again because in petrifaction climbs the oil price that raise ceaselessly and complain (in fact oil price rises besides complain to also have no other way) , also be to be in those who reduce pair of world natural resources to use up, give small power one minute for environmental protection.

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