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   2, SUV model

Large SUV model is to suit travel to be in least of all actually urban viatic model, only with average car almost of close bear the weight of quantity, because huge exterior is mixed,walk however system and additional add redundant weight, cause the engine that must carry bigger amount. Besides martial appearance, do not feel what there is SUV presence in the city is necessary really, but very much still person chose it.

Large SUV is the engine that carries 2 litres of above normally, very difficult to saving oil from go up at all have apparent effect, nevertheless here introduces a small doohickey. As a result of normally the oil cylinder of SUV is bigger, at least is in 40 litres of above, if,cheer every time so differ second add too full and increase 100 fund only fewer perhaps, can decrease to truckload travel weight a lot of, at least is little a few jins weight, besides searchs gas station inside the city also is not tickler. Ask in car plant car is small ceaselessly quantify while, the love car that we also can give ourselves has thin body.

   3, MPV model

Developing a tendency like the model of area of a few HongKong and Macow, after predicting, more families can choose medium or small MPV to replace traditional 3 wing-room car. Sheet is to serve as a family to use a car for, MPV model is inapproachable really, agile space is used and ample capacity holding thing accorded with a 3 real need.

MPV model is the batholith that continue to use is the same as plant car and transmission combination normally, the expression of oily bad news and the car that close platoon measures differ not far. Nevertheless, since be a family,use a car, can appear naturally a problem that a family exists generally, it is sundry meet a day to compare more than one day. And often feel so useful, in that way useful also, often do not agree to throw, if you agree to have absolutely a person's mind clears all spaces inside whole railroad car, you can be compared with respect to meeting disclosure car more nimble former days and more the province is oily.

   4, the large model that discharge an amount

Actually this kind of model is built very hard also with province oil on relation, although the original intention of car design is not,think so of excessive consumption of fuel and oil, after all very much now large and luxurious model admits the need that gave to mix dynamical version to get used to environmental protection. But mix in the price use the requirement that go up to still cannot gain ground in great quantities, the evil hands of the old car that discharge an amount or " of ineludible " oily Prince of the Devils. Heal nearly 2 tons or the automobile body weight of above, 4, the engine of 5 litres of above that discharge an amount is a heavy burden from beginning to end.

The model that discharges an amount greatly normally is give priority to with be being blocked automatically, the job of all drive has been handed in be operated automatically by computer, the part that the person that drive can share has been not much. Stem from the proposal of environmental protection, the car that can hope to discharge an amount greatly only advocate can be for example on the detail that increases temperature of indoor air conditioning to wait a moment give one component of force to environmental protection and province oil.
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