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Expand as the ceaseless development of urban area, because the traffic network of a few big cities of domestic answers the addition of car and ceaseless development, but from beginning to end the career that road builds and program do not follow to go up the rate that car increases. Brought consequence is the boundless Che Long when traffic fastigium. Everyday in dragon of traffic jam car we besides the anguish in deep feeling traffic jam, awfuller is to look at oily watch in one case one case ground is used up. Oily to the province, we had said a lot of, but the traffic jam road that must face everyday with the car to the city besides, if notice certain details, the bring down to oily bad news is very helpful actually.

   One, the small model that discharge an amount

The car nature of smaller quantity expends less the sources of energy, the conversation of energy that this simple truth teachs from the middle school should know in law. The technology of the engine that measures with small now actually, achieve 4 standards of Europe that put horizontal above to had been without difficulty, want authority only bright glasses of put on the skin, choose a few with when the engine configuration that all enters, the need of major car can be obtained like be 1 litres of engine of. Fall in existing traffic condition after all, the way that considers traffic jam besides than normal travel more circumstances fall, the car of smaller quantity is meant waste fewer the sources of energy, discharge fewer waste gas, less fat fee to wait a moment. Choosing 1.5 litres of platoons to measure the following model is the need that fits we and earth more.

And the small model that discharge an amount also got many hands move the favour that blocks lover, the hand is moved having deniable is to meet more the province is oily, and in traffic jam process the hand is moved if if try to notice,be being blocked, the oil that the province comes down is likely enough you run a paragraph.

Start not to give oil as far as possible. Otherwise needs to stop ground You Jing to stop in traffic jam start, and mobile distance may be only so a bit, breathe out if oil starts, did not give a half to need to receive oily stop a machine by cutting off the power more wasteful. If the drive person that the hand stirs file starts with half linkage means, feel the combinative drop that followed separation and reunion slowly, can make car slowly getaway and do not need to breathe out oily. Sheet is this link also can have saved many oil.

Jockey as far as possible little stop a car. No less than a moment ago was said, traffic jam goes mediumly to stop, start to also want ceaseless stop a car besides what need keeps. Going to stop actually in staying a course, because speed is in extremely slow condition, when the stop light of the car before the car before you see shines, already OK and complete loose accelerator or separation and reunion (according to drive normally regulations is not to advocate what neutral glides) , allow car as inertial glide to proper place to stop, till the last moment needs only gently a bit brake can complete the action that jockey (change neutral at the same time) . The drive person that has experience is OK also the action that the dynamic in advance of the car before the basis perhaps delays loose accelerator, make whole process very fluent, the passenger that lets you not only also makes yourself more relaxed.
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