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Stop for a long time sail what endanger Che Xiebao to raise must not rest
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Answer: car power source broken, the method is the line of negative pole connect that gets on accumulator is taken.

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Car lacquer easy oxidation becomes old

Intense sunshine illuminate suffers when lacquer range is long, can make lacquer face fades adagio, oxidation, appear even chap. The car contains a large number of colophony, metal to wait in lacquer composition, these material decided car Qi Yi oxidizes. Wait for harsh environment influence to fall in excrement and urine of bird of sun ultraviolet ray, acid rain, bug, floating dust especially, easy oxidation of car Qi Gengrong becomes old. Prevent even at the same time with other object or car scratch, and car by cut of person ill will.

Answer: Had better deposit the car inside the garage, need not suffer the effect of outside climate so. If do not have this condition, also want to be overspread to car hood car at least. Should choose thicker reach multilayer car cover, reduce the sunshine effect to lacquer face effectively so. "Running water not corrupt, a door-hinge is never worm-eaten " such truth applies to a car likewise. The expert reminds a car advocate, do not make a car long-term stop as far as possible sail, if do not have method, answer to do good precaution work ahead of schedule, adopt maintain necessarily measure, in order to make its are in good position. Ten million cannot think the car stops in past library, door is locked up with respect to everything is just fine.

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