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Stop for a long time sail what endanger Che Xiebao to raise must not rest
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Citizen grandson gentleman is become still be less than a year to have car a group of things with common features, outside be being sent to go to by the unit, the ground works for some time. Inside time of a few months, his love car stays alonely in the garage, wait to come back masterly. Mr Sun often also listens to car friend to tell, stop sailed vehicle failure for long ratio is relative taller, then he fears his car can have what problem very much.

So, stop for a long time sail what harm can you cause to car? Car advocate how should avoid again? Recently, the reporter interviewed Shanghai masses to save Zhao Hui of the expert after steam trade makes work.

Zhao Hui says: "Mostly car advocate think, car stops sail, each component did not run, also won't wear away, the life nature of the car was lengthened. Actually otherwise, need not call inside car a week stop sail car. Car stops sail, maintain undeserved easy bring 4 great harms. Maintain undeserved easy bring 4 great harms..

■ endanger one

Easy wear away quickly engine

Car stops for long sail need not, because the lube film of surface of engine air cylinder, piston contacts air medium oxygen and other have corrosive soda acid composition, can cause lube film metamorphism, form jelly, lose lubricant action. Car stops sail time grows more, metamorphism is more serious. Enable again when engine when, the meeting between air cylinder and piston forms dry attrition or do attrition partly, quicken a spare parts wear away, and the obstruction that start increases greatly, cause the difficulty that start.

Answer: Best every half month is started, let a car catch fire 5 minutes above. Or entrust family friend to drive the car travel of the high speed on highway every week a paragraph of distance, in order to hold car property.

■ endanger 2

Tire is changeful form

The car stops after sailing, car weight contacts the place of the ground to bear by 4 tire, cause systole of osculatory place press press to be out of shape thereby. The car stops sail time grows more, be out of shape place restores more not easily, make tire the quality all around distributings produce change, scroll radius is inhomogenous, cause tire lopsided. Once the car enters high speed travel hind, can produce automobile body to shake shake, affect the comfortable sex that takes a car not only, quicken tire wear away, still bring insecure element.

Answer: Can raise car rise, perhaps lie between a few days to move car around, in order to make sure tire is not out of shape.

■ endanger 3

Easy attaint of electronic component, accumulator

The electronic component on the car needs commonly waterproof, moistureproof with anticorrosion. Sail to stopping the electronic component of car or wiring outlet, the possibility of be affected with damp be affected with damp can increase greatly, and stop sail time grows more, malfunctioning probability is higher. After accumulator discharges for a long time oneself, the chemical material that plate surface produces, affect the result of accumulator recharge, bring about accumulator finally to discard as useless ahead of schedule.
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