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Car inspects an item daily
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1, the exterior figure that checks tire wears away degree and exterior injury, and the atmospheric pressure of calibration tire and spare wheel, inspect a circumstance to undertake preventive change maintenance.

2, examination accumulator shows window state, inspect need to change, accumulator surface mixes cleanness to losing wiring post.

3, exterior illume mixes car show wide tube, lamplight function is normal, beam of light of the headlight before inspecting a circumstance to be opposite undertakes the overhaul. Rain is brushed implement the function is normal, inspect a circumstance to add clear lotion.

4, combine appearance each emergency warning lamp and indicator light are normal, undertake the overhaul to corresponding breakdown.

5, examination apply the brake grinds line piece ply and include to be stationed in car brake inside efficiency of apply the brake, undertake change and be adjustmented when necessary.

6, check face of brake fluid juice and height of face of clutch juice juice and character, undertake changing when necessary.

7, check engine lubricating oil, automatic gear-box fluid, aid force to change fat fluid face to height and character, undertake additive when necessary or change. Check height of face of cooling fluid fluid and cooling fluid chroma, undertake additive when necessary. Conduit of examination engine refrigeration and warm water a powerful person are nice.

8, to exercise course of development30000 kilometersThe car of above, leather belt of examination engine accessory whether ageing, inspect need to change.

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