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Oil interior personage states oil of domestic finished product may depreciate in
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Social gas station oily source is adequate reporter Bi Keqin is photographed

16 days, in oil group an in-house personage expresses to the reporter, from macroscopical economy consideration, case of oil price of domestic finished product is put in reduced possibility.

This personage thinks, this oil price is faced with next air pressure to be not come from at international oil price issue defeat considerably, set out morely from macroscopical economy face however, the economic policy of country of second half of the year already by " two prevent " change direction " protect accuse " .

Hair change appoint department of medium and small businesses released statistic to show recently, medium and small businesses of above of 67 thousand dimensions of countrywide closes down first half of the year this year, oil price tall look forward to becomes company raw material and one of main factors that management cost adds.

Personage of the oil in this says, "1000 yuan are moved on oil of a ton of finished product last, extent is the history most, need enterprise is digested slowly. Set out from macroscopical economy, current oil price is necessary to reduce a bit, be like small callback 300 yuan / ton, can let note of asthma of medium and small businesses. Can let note of asthma of medium and small businesses..

In fact, as the fall after a rise of international oil price, at the beginning of August, petrifaction already reduced standard of finished product oil price in Hong Kong area in, adjust range 9.8% to 14.9% differ. With before was being moved on case of oil price of outback finished product on June 20, many gas station appear the phenomenal photograph of platoon leader team is compared, at present oil of domestic finished product is supplied already appeared " inflection point " .

Current, stock of two big Petroleum Company is enough, the gas station of and other places of Henan, Guangdong already began to solicit a client to cheer with sales promotion method. Station of oil of part of if Guangzhou is medium oily BP accepted cash privilege, the oily station with subordinate petrifaction is rolled out in do IC to cheer card to send convenience inn to shop certificate, send the sales promotion such as environmental protection shopping bag the measure.

The statistical data of easy trade information shows, the near future, fat trade price of domestic finished product all valence also is in drop continuously. Countrywide steam, derv is wholesale on September 11 all valence is 7211 yuan / ton mix 7573 yuan / ton, relatively dropped respectively August 152 yuan / ton mix 64 yuan / ton.

Voyage schedule goods analyses personage Wang Liang to shine east think, international crude price is at present deep fall after a rise loosens control to offer a chance to home, "In light of the static state, domestic benzine relatively entrance price still has certain difference, policy of the government after awaiting even up difference is oriented more crucial. " according to Xinhua News Agency
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