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The choice of car brake fluid and use
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3, forbidden mix add brake fluid
As we have learned, when some users are buying as identical as primary vehicle demand brake fluid, often mix with brake fluid, this kind of practice is very dangerous. Because differ,the raw material that phyletic product place uses, additive and workmanship differ, the conference after mixing appears cloudy or precipitation phenomenon, if observe carelessly,be very difficult discovery. This can reduce the performance of former brake fluid greatly not only, and precipitation grain can jam the serious consequence that pipeline causes apply the brake to be out of order. Even if the brake fluid of the same sort with Xiang Rong better sex, if the brand is different, also cannot mix with. Because Xiang Rong sex is good, after specification and other product mix, do not happen only statified, muddy reach precipitation phenomenon, the function after expressing to mix is changeless, the additive that place of every kinds of product adds is different and mutual between existing to be balanced relatively, once interfuse other material, this balance has the possibility that is destroyed, be lost thereby or reduce due effect. Accordingly, changing must use when the brand new affiliation product cleans pipeline.
4, those who strengthen a brake fluid is custodial
Car brake fluid, make for organic dissolvent more, easy volatilize, combustible, because this wants to be far from igneous cause, notice fire prevention is moistureproof, notice to prevent drench insolation, bibulous metamorphism especially. Often long-distance driving driver is unavoidable should nod brake fluid to reserve along with car belt, but discovery has many drivers optional outfit puts brake fluid, even some returning carelessly of cap sealed, such, long put brake fluid, meeting because of the interfuse of moisture function is reduced, outstanding performance drops in boiling point, such in use produce vapour lock influence easily to make dynamic be delivered normally, cause malfunction of apply the brake. Additional, when the moisture of interfuse cannot be dissolved completely by brake fluid, can sink to tie the bottom of all or sunken place to apply the brake, make metallic generation is corroded, cause wheel cylinder leakage fluid, blemish, unusual wear away, and moisture itself condensation point tall, boiling point is low, when microtherm freeze easily, when high temperature easy vapour lock, cause trouble of apply the brake.
5, change regularly
The meeting after car brake fluid uses proper time because moisture absorption, the reason such as chemical change makes function index is reduced, affect safety of drive a vehicle thereby. Because this uses medium brake fluid, answer to change regularly. Undertake changing as to how long, still do not have specific provision at present, it is when car check need changes commonly total pump and the piston skin bowl that divide pump, change brake fluid at the same time. Produce the much that use liquid considering the country grade is inferior, the proposal inspects a condition 40 thousand Km of 2 ~ or 1 year of time should change.
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