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The choice of car brake fluid and use
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2, the norms that imports brake fluid and use
The United States established standard of fluid of the first brake 1938, namely ES-377 of norms of American for military use. 1946 association of American car engineer (SAE) made 70R2 (in bear) with 70R1 (heavy load) two standards. 1968 the United States federally DOT of Department of Transportation (Department Of Transportation) it is a foundation with SAET70b, made FMVSS of standard of safety of confederative motor-driven car (Funeral Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) . The United States undertook be modificationed substantially to this standard 1972, established standard of FMVSS No116 DOT3, DOT4, DOT5. The standard that Japan established brake fluid 1964 (Japan Industrial Standard) , made JIS K2233 according to SAE standard again 1970 3 kinds (DOT3) , 4 kinds (DOT4) new standard. ISO of international Organization for Standardization also consults at 70 time DOT3 norms established ISO4925 standard. Current, the brake fluid of the developed country such as Western Europe, United States, Japan still implements FMVSS No116 DOT4 and DOT3 standard, fluid of our country brake also is to consult this one standard undertakes classificationing.
The juice of entrance apply the brake that sells on the market now basically has SAE series, DOT series, TCL series and Sino-US and joint-stock Compton series, if the corresponding relation between them and code name of corresponding country product express 2 to show, the car that asks to use entrance brake fluid can choose the domestic product of corresponding grade to substitute according to this correspondence relation.

3, a few notable problems in using
1, code name of product of fluid of right choice brake
Generally speaking, selecting brake fluid product according to the requirement of car operation instruction handbook is the most reasonable and reliable, the course is when manufacturer of each car production is recommending brake fluid of sufficient argumentation and experiment of many fact car. The manual is in gave out
The standard uses code name brand outside, still offerred commonly can offer brand of jackleg code name. The user should choose the product of brand of standard code name as far as possible, the ability when lack considers to choose substitute. If recommend when substitute card also is lacked, just choose the substitute of corresponding grade according to afore-mentioned corresponding relations. If Beijing cuts Nuo radical primary vehicle to ask to use fluid of brake of Reynolds of / of AMC / jeep, did not choose fluid of brake of FMVSS No166 DOT3 sometimes, when be like DOT3 to also be lacked optional SAEJ1703 or homebred 4606 substitute.
2, discretion buys brake fluid
At present brake fluid sells the market to compare a disorder, quality is uneven. The concerned result that supervisory bureau of national quality technology announces by 1998 shows, sampling percent of pass of fluid of brake of our country car is only 41.7% . Accordingly, suggest the user is bought
Discretion wants when, want to buy the product of the manufacturer home that provides fluid of brake of form a complete set for a long time for car plant as far as possible, ensure quality is reliable, performance is steady; 2 should buy to branch of state-owned and large sale as far as possible, in case fake product. In addition, on phyletic choice, best consideration chooses synthetic brake fluid, do not buy sell the alcohol that already fell into disuse apply the brake juice.
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