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The choice of car brake fluid and use
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The choice of fluid of brake of car of car apply the brake reachs use fluid is to be used in system of hydraulic pressure brake to transfer pressure the liquid that with checking the wheel turns, its quality stand or fall, the choice is used correct, matter to safety of drive a vehicle directly. Current, a few cars are used, because maintenance technician lacks understanding to the concerned knowledge of brake fluid, in the choice, existence when using many problems, the mechanical accident that causes from this and traffic accident often are seen. As the swift and violent development of auto industry, car high speed turns a tide more and more apparent, raised taller requirement to the use of brake fluid. Accordingly, must popularize the knowledge of this respect energetically, the use of strict brake fluid manages, ensure drive a vehicle is safe.
One, the sort of car brake fluid and choose
1, car brake fluid is phyletic
With respect to raw material origin character, fluid of fluid of alcohol of cent of car brake fluid brake, mineral oil brake, synthesis brake fluid 3 kinds. Alcohol brake fluid is by low charcoal alcohol kind be made up with castor oil and become, although its price is cheap, but because its are tall,microtherm function all is differred, cause traffic accident easily, our country already fell into disuse since May 1990. Fluid of mineral oil brake is with the purificatory derv heat up in a steamer of deepness dewax cent serves as base oil, join add adhesive, antioxidant, antirust to wait to mediate and be become. Adaptability of temperature of fluid of this kind of brake is mellower model good, can be in - use inside the temperature limits of 50~150 Celsius, but because its are right natural balata has dissolve to bilge action, reason is using this brake fluid previously, should fasten apply the brake all skin bowl of all, tube to change products of oil resistant rubber, lest get,be corroded and make apply the brake is out of order. Synthesis brake fluid is with glycol aether, 2 glycol aether, 3 glycol ether, water-solubility gets together normally fat, get together ether, silicone oil for solvent the lubricant that add a person and additive are comprised, range of its job temperature is wide, it is good to stick lukewarm sex, to balata and metal corrode action all very small, reason agrees with the car with high speed, high-power, heavy load and frequent apply the brake is used, be from before use most fluid of the widest a kind of brake.
2, of brake fluid classification with choose
Suit to be the same as the development of auto industry, our country is in 1989 with respect to the basis native circumstance, consult foreign advanced index made synthetic brake fluid classification standard, it is cent of synthetic brake fluid 5 class (if express 1) . The person that use but according to condition of this car operation instruction handbook, car, and circumstance of climate characteristic of place, road, consult this watch is singled out accord with oneself concrete that one step, next again from the watch 2 in find out the product standards that accords with this one class can.
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