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Into autumn maintain car does some of what
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After the Beginning of Autumn, weather becomes cool gradually rise. Car advocate in add Qiu Yi gradually while, also cannot ignore pair of love cars " considerate " . Those who pass burning hot summer is broiling suffer, love car already became a bit " exhaustion " , plus " cold Qiu Yu " , "Immune function " will sell at a discount greatly. As the car advocate must " carefully watch what sb is doing and saying " , timely good to love a car to do change garments according to the season maintains.
Clean, change air conditioning filter
The service life of car air conditioning, depend on greatly daily conserve. Introduce according to professional personage, ground of summertime tall frequency uses air conditioning, the place such as the air-blower of air conditioning, air channel will be a lot of more adherent dirt, bacterium and other bilge, cause a large number of bacterias very easily, and come loose give out peculiar smell, cause a harm to the skin of human body and respiratory system. If clear not in time, can bring about air conditioning to appear refrigeration effect difference, piece wind force is small wait for a problem, still can appear breakdown of system of other air conditioning. Normally, every 5000 kilometer or 3 months want cleanness air conditioning filter, every 20 thousand kilometer or 12 months replacing air conditioning filter. Accordingly, enter autumn season, must seasonable cleanness or change air conditioning filter, ensure a car to advocate peace thereby those who love a car " safe " .
Change antifreeze
A few cars advocate like to replace antifreeze with tap water in the summer, this kind of practice cannot be taken very much. In weather gradually cool autumn, if cannot change in time car appropriative antifreeze, once encounter the weather of temperature pelter, affect the regular job of car refrigeration system extremely likely. Normally the circumstance falls, the use cycle of car antifreeze is two years, if car advocate what use in summer is antifreeze, want not to exceed term of service only, need not be eager to changing. If use, is tap water, need to change instantly. Changing when antifreeze, must clean the cooling system of car engine first.
Inside the car antiseptic cleanness
A few woman's bicycle advocate like to put toy of cloth with soft nap of a few wool in the car, also meet so nevertheless " solicit " a lot of dirt or bacterium. Additional, dial of seat, carpet, appearance, foot steps inside of aperture of mat, seat, door, mothball box also is dirt, bacterium the good place that accumulate, the space of interior of together with car is limited, the airtight sex of railroad car is stronger, the air inside the car is not easy convection, harmful material is caused more easily among them, high temperature weather of the summer greatly catalysis these are harmful " force " develop. Be in so autumn, had better do complete clean disinfection to the interior trim of the car and component. If car abet has used the disinfectant such as oxygen second acid to undertake alexipharmic, after be sure to keep in mind to disinfect, railroad car must be wiped with clear water, wipe with clean cotton cloth, lest rudimental disinfectant is right,human body causes harm.
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