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Tell additive of fuel of your division oily product this " add "
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Oil of this product agent is compared for 1 ∶ 4000, in needing to join gasoline tank directly when cheer only, engine need not undertake adjustment, the abundant motive force that brings by accept rice additive can be experienced after car starts 5 minutes. The test data that uses this additive is: Improve dynamical performance 28% , average length oil is amounted to 20% , can make of car tail gas discharge reduce 80% . Current, this product already entered Hangzhou market.

Remind: How to buy fuel additive

The expert is told, buy fuel additive to must identify accurate brand, cannot consume blindly.

Suggested at 4 o'clock: Want to see this product whether have the character attestation of national authority branch above all; Want to see this enterprise whether pass attestation of quality management system next; Want to identify accurate normal channel again; Want to hear the expert's opinion more finally, also want attention and Che Youduo communication.

How to identify to the fuel additive of the good and bad are intermingled on the market? Have can offer consumer to consult when the choose and buy at 5 o'clock:

1. The accretion from additive on scale can distinguish roughly this additive is physical property or chemistry. General physics sex adds scale character to be in mostly 1 than 3000 to 1 than 8000 the left and right sides, the scale of chemistry all is in 1 than 1000 to 1 than 2000 the left and right sides. Normally the additive of physical property does not change the class status of fuel, reason won't arise to car engine caustic.

2. From the scrutiny in the manual of additive, whether to contain metallic particle, because contain the additive of metallic particle,joining use 3 yuan of catalysis implement bad report may produce in the car, serious when make invalidation of 3 yuan of catalysis.

3. See a product whether carry normal channel. Be like what whether the product has national authority orgnaization to detect qualified report. Should add more more to importing a product particularly advertent. According to at present the active code of our country, what every imports a product to must have a state is legal detect report, do not get a sale otherwise, in case somebody make a profit in troubled situation, risk holiday of false and inferior product entrance product, entrap consumer.

4. Want careful price trap. Because additive market has not mature, consumer understands the price not quite, some businessmen are intended drive up price, let consumer cause " a minute of price a minute of goods " illusive, be deceived.

5. Proposal consumer chooses home the brand of well-known big company. Because the difference of the technical home of additive and foreign product is not at present apparent, industry of positive-appearing image color television is same, the practical effect of domestic certain product has exceeded congener product of abroad, and price material benefit is gotten much. Using fuel additive is not the price product of expensive good, foreign country is good.
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