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Tell additive of fuel of your division oily product this " add "
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Product: 4 worlds are the same as hall

Famous fuel expert, former in petro-chemical scientific academy teachs petrifaction group Bi Zaijun of class senior engineer divides fuel additive for 4 generation. generation, basically act well in the light of carburettor deposit; The 2nd generation basically acts well in the light of atomizer; The 3rd generation basically is opposite gum of form of the atomizer, a powerful person that take energy of life, accumulate carbon to act well; The 4th generation is divided outside having clean effect to the atomizer, a powerful person that take energy of life, the greatest progress is pair of firebox accumulate carbon to generate have restrain, catabolism.

This 4 acting products, new generation is develop in what maintain old generation function to go up, so normally for, the product that sells on the market at present should be additive of the 4th acting fuel just is opposite, but it is 4 worlds are the same as fuel additive market however in fact hall, what goods has.

Wraparound case for, additive of the fuel on the market mirrors means cent to be able to be divided by its now it is two kinds, one kind is physics, one kind is chemical. Sparge gush of physics is gotten even, combustion is complete, energy utilization rate is high, the effect that save oil is good; Chemical section oily effect is apparent also, but because be to support combustion the reaction of property, possible to engine meeting is injured.

Custom: Still lack occupation standard

Should say, fuel additive is a benefit country the good industry of benefit civilian, but the issue that at present our country needs dispersedly is more outstanding. Concerned statistic shows, our country has brand of of all kinds additive more than 400, among them unavoidable mud and sand are carried along-there is mingling of good and bad.

The expert says, " world fuel standard " object everything clearly containing metallic additive, but at present a lot of additive of our country contain such and such metal powder, cause loss to car assembly thereby. Current, our country still does not have the national level of fuel additive or occupation standard, what each enterprises carry out is his standard. Only high level of a few company consults the industry standard that American standard establishs, product quality of production just has assure.

A few obtain the fuel additive that the country popularizes:

"Million can " and " state clean " . These two are typical the 4th acting product. The much effect in its product is kosher the agent is OK disperse water adequately, refine, form the small oily parcel of tens of thousands of (inside it is water) , make its expand quickly below action of the high temperature inside firebox vaporization happening " small explode " phenomenon, namely 2 pulverization phenomenon, make light gas to mix thereby more even, benzine combustion is more complete also.

"Fang Ta " additive of fuel of card accept rice. Limited company rolls out the trade of division of Beijing University learned that this is subordinate of group of Beijing University Founder, the additive of new generation multipurpose that with accept rice small hole changes technology and world's advanced production facilities to develop production to go out. This additive is different from other fuel additive completely on action mechanism, its technology is in lab phase in Euramerican developed country.
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