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Tell additive of fuel of your division oily product this " add "
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Oil price rises, the car uses cost to rise, make additive of of all kinds fuel was heated up at a draught rise. This kind of commodity went up not only the inn hall of inn of car decorate hairdressing, still entered the gas station of Hangzhou at the same time. Many cars advocate remind in what when gas station cheers, always can get cheering labour: Should be a fuel additive added in past gasoline tank?

Item oil becomes important today, the fuel additive that can save oil can get really the favour of consumer. Although fuel additive enters the good luck of the market better, but careful consumer or misgive are heavy: What, can be additive added in gasoline tank? Can you damage engine? Can oily money is a province, but the Qian Genggui of additive? Old hot days adds additive in past gasoline tank, can you produce explosive accident?

A few bold consumer to fuel additive this gives birth to thing jump at anew. An user of strange luck car, feel voice of this car engine is loud so, momentum is not quite good, the agitato after use additive tells a reporter: Fuel additive result is right, two kinds of defect on original car were done not have!

The market: Fine bad people is jumbly

Use stand or fall to measure those who give additive of the fuel on the market, concerned branch researcher ever was spent only nearly one year time does market research, bought all products to try to use and detect, the conclusion that reach is: Breed of additive of the fuel on the market is at present various, good and evil people mixed up, law of true classics state detects surely the product of orgnaization certificate of proof is not much, overall index examines all eligible fewer.

Including those who inspect limits is the fuel additive of 27 common signs on Hangzhou market. Whether does the researcher pass oily effect of national appraisal, section, motivation to increase the result to its, reduce noise effect, reduce discharge the effect, cleared effect that accumulate carbon, whether to contain metallic particle, and add the index such as scale, price to all make assessment, discovery has Fang Ta, sign only can, spy of a person of extraordinary powers, joy runs, the product of 7 brands passes state clean, much interest, seismic sea wave national appraisal. Some indicate the fuel additive that the United States, Japan produces, did not affix China to indicate about the attestation of management department.

From the point of the result that make an on-the-spot investigation, fuel additive has an oily function mostly, can save oil commonly 10% to 15% . If choose well, not only can rise to reduce effect of oily bad news, still have increase power, maintain engine, cleared accumulate carbon, the effect such as environmental protection. The analysis that monitors data to the environment makes clear, after using correct fuel additive, the hydrocarbon HC in car tail gas can drop 26.6% , carbon monoxide CO can drop 19.7% .

And inferior additive will be just the opposite to what one wished. Ceng Youyi user bought a bottle " land for growing field crops " card car engine is fought wear repair lotion, after the result is used successive rear of much day car risks black smoke.
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