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Car nick repairs common sense
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A lot of maintenance conserve inn are hit nowadays " nick fills quickly " fascia attracts a car advocate. Although people expects quick service, but also be afraid of " the turnip does not wash mashed vegetable or fruit quickly " . A lot of inn-keeper used people to wear the psychology of urgent need car, do not have originally fill quickly of the condition, also mix with inferior material the method that reduces exercise process, shorten time, reduce cost.
Professional nick is fast be asked work environment assures not to have dirt above all. When spray paint, even the fiber of scurf or dress falls to be able to fashion stain or bosomy package on board. The outdoor task of street edge is impossible to make beautiful filling paint, the house of the lacquer that bake that should have major and computer move paint facility. Next, want to use the special data that fills quickly. Traditional be bored with child it is plastic component, low, changeful form, dry time grows exterior essence coarse, hardness. Especially this kind of be bored with child still absorb moisture ceaselessly after repair, appear easily chap and cave in. The metal of high-tech fills earth, solid high temperature resistant, match with fast drying implement, can work thoroughly inside 5 minutes fully. Because it is high polymer structure, density is big, the surface is exquisite, without pinhole, won't absorb moisture. This kind of be bored with child should hit three-layer, be bored with child the chance that heavy panel increased chap.
Additional, paint also is very important. Lacquer of environmental protection of use ability in swimming, covering power is strong, embedded UV is violet outer bright oil, technician says, some places to pursue fast, far from gush bright oil. Such not crossing how long, car lacquer is met blank, and be damaged extremely easily. And use wash-and-wear model bright oil, concentration is high, hardness is strong, when washing a car lacquer of car of not easy abrade.
Respecting manipulates a technology, need to notice more. Average car advocate see unit process of cargo bandling without time and opportunity mostly, but have time OK and advertent. Accurate method is, receive a car that has cut, must will get hurt place burnish becomes a state edge, this is to enhance be bored with child adherent force. Some maintenance division are far from serious burnish, even not burnish. Can be imagined, such be bored with child can maintain how long.
Finally, needing those who remind everybody is, when car contains Ban gold to injure, had better look for the local rehabilitate of machine of meson of gold having Ban. Because, traditional method must disassemble shell plating, install inside easy injury. Beat with hammer, get power not all, iron sheet vulnerability, and flatness assures hard. Meson machine can be operated directly, need not disassemble, rigid control, accuracy is tall.

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